Memories of my first NAMA Convention – By Thounaojam Umeshkanta

Memories of my first North America Manipur Association’s Convention at Cincinnati, Ohio.

The event was full of fun and above all, I was pampered with a lots of love from the host Tamo Ruhikant Meetei and Eteima Kebola Wahengbam, and from all Tamos and Eteimas who came for the event. I meet some of my old friends again and make new friends. It was hard to say goodbye and return back to New Orleans yesterday after attending

Last March, I visited Columbus for a work and I got an opportunity to meet Tamo Kunjakishor MaimomSagar A Sharma, Tamo Ruhikant, and Eteima Kebola.

I did not know them before but I contact Tamo Kunjakishore. He and Sagar came to pick me up at the airport. The next day Tamo Ruhikant, Eteima Kebola and Tiken Salam also came to visit us. I had a real good time with them talking about happy things, listening to stories and eating a lots of good food together. They told me NAMA convention is going to take place in Cincinnati in July and they invited me to come for the event.

At that time, because of the distance and work pressure, I was not sure if I could able to come and attend the event in July. But deep in my heart, I wish to come and attend cos I was really feeling happy having fun together.

Finally in May, I booked my tickets to fly from New Orleans to Dayton on July 2nd and return on July 6. I thought I should go there bit earlier to more time at Tamo Ruhikant place to extend a helping hand to the organizing team and feel myself a bit useful . My days from 3rd to 6th July was so good, and gave me a new outlook to life. Time flys away so fast and I wish to build a time machine so that I go back to good times at Cincinnati.

I had some good stories of what it is like to go at NAMA convention and why it is special.

I hope everyone who have attended the convention have the same feelings, and those good memories will evoke us to come for the future NAMA conventions with more enthusiasms!

Thank you Amom’s family for being a wonderful host, the NAMA team, and all those wonderful people who have came to attend this year convention.

I had a real good time at NAMA convention!

BY Thounaojam Umeshkanta

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