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How to get into USA
The first part and the important phase is to get in USA very clean and confidently. One can get into USA in any visa categories. One of the simplest ways to come is with the passion to study and pursue higher education. When planning to pursue masters it is very important to decide the universities. The place of education plays a major role in shaping one’s future.
There is a very common stereotype about the top ranking universities, “Number one university has number one departments”. This is not true in all the cases. For example MIT ranked 3 or 4 has better computer science program than Harvard which is ranked at number 1. It is very important for the student to pick the correct school.
To be able to apply for a good school the first and most important step is to prepare for GRE (engineering) or GMAT (business).

Identifying a school
Never pick the university based on the ranking system. Select a university by reading about the departments and the courses they offer. For example, if a university is ranked high in the charts and does not offer courses you are interested in, then do not pick the university.
Do some simple research about universities. Read about the courses and skim through the projects and research papers submitted from that university. Create a chart with university that matches and offers the courses of interest with maximum projects and resources.
The top 5 on the list will be university one should be applying for.

Selecting the correct courses
Once a school is selected, next plan on the road to graduation. It is important that one finishes the masters, by completely mastering a concept. While selecting the university, you would have considered couple of courses. Meet the professor who teaches those courses and have a free and casual open discussion about the course, the scope of projects, what other courses will help master that particular course and so on. Get this feedback with multiple professors. Use this feedback for picking your courses. One can blindly follow the advice from the professors.
Improvise, constantly improvise and improve
The most important trade for understanding the subjects and scoring good grades is improvising while improving constantly. Do not sit back claiming “I know Java”, be willing to learn new things, if you find more resources in Python for your project go and learn python. Keep learning. Constantly go and bug the professors with legitimate questions. There are no silly questions. There are only obvious questions. Obvious question are the one which has answers right in front of your eyes in the book. Try as much as possible to avoid obvious question. Ask your questions in class. If you are planning to meet the professor in private to discuss then go prepared. Read the book and gather relevant information about the question you are going to ask the professor. That will give a good impression on you. That will make the professor believe in you as a good student rather than a stupid student who asks questions just for the sake of asking.
Always let the professor know you are working hard. In case you are given an assignment which is due in 10 days, meet the professor on alternate days and show your progress. That way the professor will know how much you are working towards the assignment. This will also fetch good help form the professor in case you get struck with your assignment.
If you are interested in research, go to IEEE, AMC and many other publication and start reading the papers. Try understanding what they are trying to explain in the paper. Think of faults and enhancements to that paper. Go to a faculty who is interested in research and discuss about your take on the paper. Be polite. Do not be condescending.

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